The Horse & Dog Wellness Blog
The Horse & Dog Wellness Blog
A Feeding, Health & Wellness Guide for those who love horses and dogs


Horses and dogs, they are some of the most cherished companions humans have ever known. We spend billions each year in search to make their lives the best possible, yet year after year we read the news of recalls and warnings related to pet foods and products we rely on to give them that best life.

Our journey into animal wellness began with a seriously ill and aged dog adopted from the veterinary clinic where I worked, and over the last 19 years it has become the center of my world. After reading of another class action suit against a pet food maker, I decided it was time to step up and share my experiences, recipes, and educational resources with others. You CAN make a difference, and it might even be easier than you think. Ready to get started? Click these links first!

I want to help my HORSE I want to help my DOG